AM Kidd | Acappella - ft Viddy V

I don’t need a beat for me to touch you, cuff you up and love you
listen to me I could make it louder or bring it down to a whisper like damn..
Honey, why you rushin’? I like it when you’re cussin’
Especially when it’s dirty, it turns me on like damn..
We could do a little bit of role play
spread ‘em for the teacher, baby or you’ll get a bad grade
We could keep it just like this
but if you want somethin’ to rock to, I can drop the beat like this
movin’ by the rhythm of the clap
tease you just a bit, bring it in and pull it back
if I wanna speed it up, I’ll give you a little slap
but regardless I could make you want it bad

When I lay you on the bed
I ain’t playin’, I’ma do exactly what I said
Kiss you on the collarbone, right up to your neck
Get you beggin’ for some more, it’s the best and nothing less, baby
I don’t need a beat

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